Undoing Racism begins…

…with conversations to foster community understanding of how racial disparities affect our lives and to learn about ongoing anti-racist work being done in Austin.

This project promotes and facilitates dialogue among community members and political power-holders to synthesize the communities’ demands for justice and the possibilities for enacting immediate change.

All of our projects for social justice have room to grow.  We can strengthen our community by confronting systemic forms of oppression that isolate us from each other.  The community is stronger when we share a common language and understanding of the way that oppression works.  Undoing Racism provides tools for the community to connect and move forward in confronting injustice.

Let’s commit to disrupting racism!  Wherever we go, whatever we do, and whomever we interact with – race is an issue.  When we look at inequality and disproportionality in services, outcomes and standards of life, we must understand that these disparities not only intersect with race, but also are predicated on a history of privilege granted primarily to people who are white, male and wealthy

We need to confront racism to fight for justice and equality, whether in our homes, schools, courts, workplaces, or for the environment.  Racism is so deeply embedded into the fabric of society that it cannot be removed without changing the education, government, police, justice and economic systems.  That means – you and me and everybody in them!

We can stop being part of the problem, and start being part of the solution.

We can confront ourselves and our own communities instead of blaming our neighbors.

We can Stop racist oppression – not just name it.

We can reverse the logic of oppression and be freer

We can imagine a just society.

We can change.

We can grow.

We can do better.

Let’s go.