Austin Beloved Community

Racism has always been at work and people have been resisting it and other forms of oppression in Austin for a very long time.    Local artist and activist Anne Lewis has chronicled this resistance and beloved community.

Austin Beloved Community is a collective project that is a shared space between organizations, artists, and all who hold close ideas of liberation, equality, and a just society.  It is an experiment in collective memory, community, and expression.

Click here for a list of those who give freely of their memories and experience in this space and who struggle to build the social justice movement in our city.

This is a map of the Austin social justice organizations that provide a basis for the site – and others we hope to work with in the future. Click here to view Social Justice Organizations in a larger view. There’s an alphabetical list of social justice organizations, their addresses and links next to the map.

We now have an opportunity to create a new future

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