Nov 8-10 2013, Training

In November we brought together 45 organizers and leaders to participate in our first Community Leaders Training which had a profound affect upon us all.

URA participants

These participants are involved with the following organizations:

  • Alliance of Community Trainers
  • Austin White Allies for Racial Equity
  • Austinites for Geographic Representation
  • Capital Area Democratic Women
  • Children’s Optimal Health
  • Del Valley ISD Board
  • Food for Black Thought
  • Indigenous Cultures Institute
  • Learning & Exploring Anti-Racist Dialogue
  • Mama’s of Color Rising
  • Marathon Kids
  • Parks Board
  • Pride of the Eastside
  • Rosewood Neighborhood Association
  • Sierra Club
  • Stand with Texas Women
  • Sustainable Food Center
  • Sustainable Food Policy Board
  • Texas Campaign for the Environment
  • Texas Green Network
  • Texas United for Families
  • Treasure City Thrift
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Urban Roots