WC Intention



Intentions and Goals:

With URA collective & caucuses

  • We follow the principles of Undoing Racism
  • Identify White Caucus’ relationship with URA and how we collaborate
  • Be transparent with the other caucuses (what our caucus is doing), and stay accountable to them and the URA collective.
  • Avoid “becoming the steering wheel.” Any campaign work should be coordinated with URA.


  • Organize with solidarity and non-hierarchy
  • Show up! It’s a privilege to have the choice to sit out
  • Acknowledge that showing up looks different/people show up in different ways
  • We hold the complexity of privilege while keeping our focus on racism
  • Build accountability with people of color by knowing about existing work and priorities to build a more racially just city
  • Showing up when called for by organizations and campaigns led by people of color (protests, City Hall, practical support, fundraising)
  • Cultivate lifetime commitments to racial justice

Within the White Caucus

  • Recruit and retain a base of white people committed to undoing racism in Austin
  • Develop a space to support white people in this movement without asking people of color to do additional emotional labor to support us
  • Hold space to process mistakes and pull lessons from and with each other
  • Share and deepen our understanding of white/Euro cultures. Reconnect to our roots (and share them).
  • Build trust and community by working through ego, competition, one-upmanship, superiority through laughter, joy, collaboration and shared power
  • Hold each other accountable with compassion
  • Celebrate and reclaim our humanity
  • Commit to being anti-racist and organize not just where it is comfortable, but in our personal lives, family, work, organizations, etc.
  • Building our skill set to interrupt racism, sharing experiences, role playing, creating and sharing resources
  • Learn how to struggle effectively with people of color to build on anti-racist culture without perpetuating the problem
  • We commit to taking the work beyond our group, being careful to respect the leadership of people and communities of color
  • Create opportunities to educate other white people about institutional and interpersonal racism through the use of media opportunities, social media, and community events