WC: What The White Caucus Does

CHAPTER SEVEN What White Caucus Does

URA WC Meetings

  • Build trust and relationships with each other.
  • Share and deepen our understanding of white/Euro cultures. Reconnect to our roots.
  • Culture sharing
  • Direct action, strategizing, organizing
  • Role playing – practicing and trying out strategies for addressing racism
  • A space to work through/ safe to say fucked up things without burdening people of color
  • Strategize around structural racism, not just interpersonal.  long-term strategy vs. actions that feel more urgent
  • Strategize how to address racism in our homes, communities, workplaces, etc.
  • Share ongoing events/organizing activity
  • Learn about anti-racist white history
  • Share articles, videos, book club


  • Put up a web site/web page on URA site
  • Make a zine
  • Collectively decide what to publish
  • Anti-racist white history
  • Rules of engagement for white people


  • Raise money for URA trainings and other activities
  • Recruit people to take the training

For community

  • Be able to intervene when problematic behavior.