WC: White Caucus


White Caucus


During meetings that we will:

  • Listen with respect
  • Everyone participates
  • Liberated zone
  • Focus on racism
  • Non-hierarchy
  • No quick fixes
  • No cross talk
  • Go with what you know
  • Meet your growing edge
  • Listen without Judgment
  • Confidentiality/amnesty
  • Electronics muted
  • Stay the whole time/Take care of your body
  • Meeting structure proposal:
  1. 6:30 “soft start” with food and informal conversation
  2. 7:00pm Introductions (names and pronouns)
  3. Culture sharing (~20–40 minutes)
  4. Report backs. (~20–40 minutes)
  5. Project/action planning (~20–40 minutes)
  6. Planning next meeting


Notes from past White Caucus Meetings:   https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B94Na7G5yzG6fnhnTlkzVy1ULTV4a0ctZE9EM2FJNW9jdUpqNWJKU2k5Vkt2VTdDb05LdWs  (google docs folder), Questions/Permissions: please contact Jim(jcasey23@gmail.com)

White Caucus Info Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-G2k-M-d68X_pXsSzzcCN1MwfJGd5H5ICX2ou2SXkeA/edit

Mind Map on URA White Caucus Principles: https://www.mindmeister.com/514927420/ura-white-caucus


Google Group:  To post to this group, send email to: urawhitecaucus@googlegroups.com.


Proposed White Caucus Media and Statement Structure: (created April 2015)

  • Do we need to be requested or do we need to be proactive? (context-driven)
  • Multiple people volunteer to write a first draft – (use a google doc to write collaboratively and read outloud for flow and comprehension!)
  • If requested by specific people: take back first draft to the people who initially requested.
  • Request feedback from POC core collective members (note that requesting feedback on first draft for feedback is an important step – need to see if this works for POC caucuses)
  • Send revised document to the rest of the white caucus – set deadline for comments and feedback. (AWARE caucus members need to respect this deadline and try not to flood with feedback after the deadline)
  • Bottom-liner(s) incorporate feedback and sends out revised draft to all parties
  • Send out final version of piece to all.
  • Where do we send final pieces?
  • Where can we self-publish? (note this connects to whoever is bottom-lining the website)


Undoing Racism Austin:

Website: UndoingRacismAustin.org


Google Calendar: https://billc25.sg-host.com/events-calendar-and-activities-descriptions/


URA Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Undoing-Racism-Austin-URA-709273202480487/